Masekhethele – Transformative Threads


and upskilling

Siyavuma and Masekhethele

Masek projects driven by Siyavuma Foundation, undertakes to uplift over 200 informal sewing groups, improving their skills by continual training and development with custom designs or catalogue ranges.

Over and above the financial support offered to the women as a Community Women and Youth Empowerment Initiative, we offer technical and business training, facilitate work opportunities, and a run a range of sustainability programmes. The first programme thats already begun is working to increase food security, especially in these trying times, by funding, building and developing sustainable food gardens and training the community to maintain them.

The project of Masekhethele is to encourage over 350 women on the landfills to collect their waste. They earn a fair wage from Thinavuoo Recycling who is a buy back centre, and black owned company. Below are the assisted villages in Phalaborwa



Number of Households

Number of People


Makhushane Village

5 866

19 243


Majeje Village

8 067

35 663


Mashishimale Village

3 871

14 876


Maseke Village

2 130

7 830


Selwana Village

4 165

20 600


Namakgale Township

7 606

25 808


Phalaborwa Town

4 027

14 469


Lulekani Township

5 383

12 148



41 115

150 637

Working together the Masek uplifts communities aiding in sustainability and job creation

Petco, the leading company in recycling plastic bottles in South Africa, is spearheading the operation to make recycling a circular economy, where the value of a plastic bottle continues indefinitely. In partnership with Masekhethele this circular economy has created jobs for a large amount of waste collectors, informal tailors and beaders.