Masekhethele – Transformative Threads


Circular Sustainability


The journey of waste picking to entrepreneurship in Phalaborwa has finally come to fruition. Until 14h00 of each day the enthusiastic material picking ladies of the area are hunting for gems, stamping, dragging, sorting and weighing their treasures – all in the bid to irk a living for their families. Masekhethele is on the precipice of changing their lives through the exciting and life changing “VeggieGROW” initiative.  Masekhethele is an all-African languages word meaning “choose for yourself”.

Masekhethele have taken the first steps to create a food garden in Phalaborwa, with the intention of expanding throughout South Africa into any community that have material waste collectors.

Our aim in an area is to create 5 community vegetable gardens each with a shop. Each garden will be run by 5 women waste collectors, trained, mentored and assisted by Masekhethele.

In the shade covered gardens and recycled palettes we will grow vegetables and herbs based on community demand. Seedlings will be provide from our VeggieGROW germination tunnels.

Business training on micro-enterprise management will be provided to all 5 ladies, who will take it in turns to sell and share the profits.